benedict cumberbatch oscars 2014 sherlock fans gi Oscars 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch proves US fans are 'noisy'

Benedict Cumberbatch, at the 86th Academy Awards to present, was asked about differences between American and British fans. He managed to prove his assertion that US fans were noisy by getting the crowd to yell on cue.

Ryan Seacrest asked the “Sherlock” star the fan-submitted question about how Cumberbatch would describe differences between fans in the United States and in his native Britain. Almost immediately, Cumberbatch had an answer: “They’re very noisy,” he said. “That’s what Americans are like.”

In case this point needed proof, Cumberbatch turned immediately to the fans in the red-carpet bleachers and waved. They responded by yelling and waving back. It was notably noisy all the way back on the carpet.

Safe to say Cumberbatch knows his audience at this point.

Posted by:Laurel Brown