shipper month delena stelena fitz olivia scott stiles tvd scandal teen wolf OTP, endgame and more fandom vocabulary explained in Zap2it's shipper glossaryIt’s Shipper Month at Zap2it. Throughout February 2015 we’re exploring TV relationships, both the ones viewers see on screen and those that fans form with their favorite characters and couples, and how it affects what they watch. 

While anyone with a basic knowledge of Twitter and a love of TV is probably already over-invested in their favorite coupling on their favorite TV show, Zap2it has put together this shipper glossary to explain some of the more intermediate slang (and some of the basics too).

The vocabulary contained within is specifically geared toward all things television, since that’s what Zap2it covers, but shipping is applicable to any work of fiction — TV, movies, books, comics, etc. (and even real life, too. Let’s just say you’re not the only person with a possibly unhealthy adoration of the love between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, two strangers you’ve never actually met).

A brief introduction to the shipper’s vocabulary:

fandom – n – the group of people who are passionate about a specific TV show/movie/book/comic/etc.

ships – n (pl) – the relationships/pairings of a TV show.

shipping – v – the act of wanting a specific pairing together.

shipper – n – a person rooting for a particular relationship.

canon – n – what’s scripted in the TV show; whatever the creators say is fact in the universe where the ship exists.

AU – n – short for “alternate universe,” or anything fan-imagined that would go against the established canon rules/events of the show.

fanfic, fic – n – fan-written stories involving characters from a particular show.

ship names – n (pl) – portmanteau combinations of popular ships, i.e. Delena or Stelena (Damon + Elena or Stefan + Elena from “The Vampire Diaries”)

OTP – n – short for “one true pairing,” or your favorite ship; the people you want to be together most of all.

BROTP – n – the platonic pairings you love most on a show, i.e. Scott and Stiles on “Teen Wolf” or Joe and Barry on “The Flash.”

slash – adj. – homosexual pairings, most often used to describe specific ships or fics, i.e. “slash ship” or “slash fic”

endgame – n – the couple that will wind up together at the end of a story.

Posted by:Jean Bentley