outlander premiere cast 'Outlander' premiere: Diana Gabaldon confirms Jamie's ghost was standing in the streetDiana Gabaldon (above, black dress), the woman behind the best-selling “Outlander” series that just premiered in TV form on Starz, participated in a Facebook chat Friday (Aug. 8) where she discussed the small screen adaptation and confirmed an important moment from the first book and premiere episode.

Q: The books don’t go into too much detail about Claire’s childhood or parents. Will we learn more in the future?

Diana Gabaldon: You might. Learn more, I mean. But probably not for awhile.

Q: When Starz does the second book, will they cast a second actress as an older Clair?
Assuming that we do get a second season, the answer would be no. Caitriona [Balfe] is 35 — she can easily play Claire in her 40s, as well as she plays her in her late 20s. Besides, you’d never find anyone to play Claire who’s as good as Cait is.

Q: Love the series and have them all. I hope you will continue with them?
Well, there is at least a book nine. I never plan the books out ahead of time, so I won’t know where the end is until I get there.

Q: Tell us anything surprising about the filming of the TV series and your thoughts about the book vs. TV series.

Really, really pleased — surprised and thrilled — by how good the show is. I never expected to be involved with the production at all, let alone to the generous extent that [creator Ron Moore] and friends have offered me. And I really never expected that they’d ever find actors who could truly be Jamie and Claire. Most surprising thing EVER was Sam Heughan’s audition. … I couldn’t be more pleased with how the show has evolved, all the way from Ron and Maril’s first meeting with me to the awesome promotion efforts by Starz.

Q: I have always wondered who the Scottish “ghost” was. The man that was watching Claire from the street. I wonder if it is Jamie’s ghost or Jamie as a time traveler? After viewing the first episode, my curiosity is peaked again. Any hints?
He’s a ghost. As to explanations … last thing in the last book.

“Outlander” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.
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