sam heughan outlander game of thrones 'Outlander' star Sam Heughan auditioned for 'Game of Thrones' seven times

“Outlander” may only be one episode in, but Sam Heughan already has his own legion of fans — the Heughligans — thanks to his portrayal of Jamie Fraser on the show.

However, “Outlander” isn’t the Scottish actor’s first brush with period fantasy dramas. Heughan tells Vulture that before “Outlander” came along, he auditioned for “Game of Thrones” a whopping seven times. 

You read that right. Heughan auditioned for Renly, Loras and more than one member of the Night’s Watch. 
“I’d always get so close! I’d be like, ‘Guys, just give me a sword!'” Heughan jokes. “Everyone was going in for those parts. But you know, it’s funny about those things. You’re up for so many things, and coming from those auditions, and testing on other shows.”
Heughan says now he knows those auditions prepared him for getting the role of Jamie Fraser. “I had more experience, more experience with the process. And maybe I was more confident,” he says. “And I don’t know, something about this one just felt right. This part felt different. I knew this character. I felt a connection with him. I knew where he had come from.”

After seeing what’s left of the Night’s Watch after the end of Season 4 of “Game of Thrones,” we can bet Heughan feels pretty all right with how things worked out. Rocking that kilt trumps being trampled by a giant any day of the week. 
Posted by:Megan Vick