tony goldwyn outlaw prophet warren jeffs lifetime 'Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs': How many times were you inappropriately attracted to Tony Goldwyn?In Lifetime’s latest original movie, “Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs,” “Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn played polygamist cult leader/convicted rapist Warren Jeffs. And he looked so, so good while doing it — at least in the beginning.

Listen: When you cast a man as handsome as Goldwyn in anything, you know there’s no way they’re going to be able to gloss over those chiseled good looks. Like, remember when Lifetime had Rob Lowe play a chubby wife murderer with a ridiculous accent and he was still vaguely sexy? It’s like that. (Wait, what were we talking about? Nevermind.)

In the very first scene of “Outlaw Prophet,” Goldwyn’s Jeffs stood up shirtless in a bed with several women and loaded a gun. If the same thing happened in an action movie, there probably would’ve been a cool rock song playing to show that he’s our hero. So you can’t blame a gal for thinking that shirtless Goldwyn still had a little swagger about him.

It’s not Tony Goldwyn’s fault he’s so good-looking!

Then again, as the film progressed, we saw how truly awful Warren Jeffs really was. The creepy, slow speaking cadence, having women call him “Uncle Warren” — that was decidedly not sexy. Neither was the abhorrent, scary violence toward women.

For example: When Jeffs was having his weird polygamist orgy with underage girls? Not hot. The beginning of the movie, when Goldwyn wasn’t actively doing anything horrible, and just standing there in the desert looking contemplative? Hot.

It’s easy to be attracted to Tony Goldwyn when you look at his face (have you seen it? Come on), but as he inhabited his role as the misogynistic, violent criminal, that all went away.

Warren Jeffs, once president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is serving life in prison plus 20 years after being convicted for the sexual assault of underage girls as young as 12.

What did you think of “Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs”? Were you attracted to Tony Goldwyn in the beginning in spite of yourself?

Posted by:Jean Bentley