rita moreno gallery 'Oz,' 'West Side Story' remain Rita Moreno's favorite roles

Zap2it: What were your favorite roles?
Rita Moreno: I loved playing Anita in “West Side Story,” and I loved, loved playing Sister Peter Marie in “Oz.” And talk about casting away from type. Rita Moreno as a nun — say what?
Zap2it: Do you see yourself first as a dancer or singer or actor, or are they so completely intertwined?
Rita Moreno: I see myself as an actress, always have. Even when I sang. My selection of songs always requires a lot of acting. I am an actress who sings. Honey I am about to be 82. I call it moving! Chita Rivera dances. I move.
Zap2it: Since you brought her up, people always seem to confuse you two, don’t they?
Rita Moreno: We are attached at the hip, the two of us — “West Side Story,” “The Rink” — it goes on and on. And we don’t resemble each other. I have had show people tell me they loved me in something. [I say,] “No, you didn’t.” [They say,] “No, no, no! Don’t be modest.” I even have had people ask me for her autograph. I feel bad. I don’t want to sign. I am so sorry. You are thinking of Chita Rivera, and I am Rita Moreno. Every so often it will be with someone incredibly famous, and I say “Thank you! Thank you!” I don’t want to embarrass them.
Zap2it: What else would you have done?
Rita Moreno: I can’t think of anything I would have done. I am someone whose DNA was absolutely in the performing arts.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler