paley fest 2011 andrew lincoln 320 PaleyFest 2011: 'The Walking Dead's' Andrew Lincoln on seeing Rick's darker side

PaleyFest 2011 kicked off Friday (March 4) with AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which returns for Season 2 in October with 13 episodes.
With more than double the episodes of Season 1, the show’s lead, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes), says he’s up to the challenge.
“It’s a big responsibility,” Lincoln tells Zap2it. “The weather is apocalyptic, if you’ve been to Atlanta. But, I love playing this character. I love it. He’s so complicated and so driven and so different to me. It’s a very satisfying role.”
Currently, the writers are just starting on Season 2, but that doesn’t mean the actors don’t have their own desires for the future of their characters. So, we asked Lincoln what he wants for Rick next season.
“Episode off,” he jokes. “There’s loads of things. I mean one of the great things about being in the writers’ room with the team is so many ideas that I had about where I wanted him to go. You know, he’s a righteous guy. He has good intentions, but I think that I want it to adhere closely to the narrative in the book, as well. It’s that the pressure, the responsibility, the domestic situations, the parenting has its toll on him. He can’t keep sustaining this. He can’t keep coming up with the goods. I would like to see him maybe deteriorate and maybe we see a darker side of him.”
Yet, in the world of “The Walking Dead,” weakness can mean death, but Lincoln says putting its characters in harm’s way is in the show’s DNA and makes for good storylines.
“I think it’s just one of the great things we’re afforded in this series,” he says. “A bad decision can cost a life in this and the stakes are so high, so hopefully that makes for real raw, compelling drama.”
Watch our full chat with Lincoln as he talks about where he was a year ago and the process of getting the role below:
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