pam anderson debt Pam Anderson debt: Star owes over $370,000 for taxes

Pamela Anderson is joining the slew of other stars who have not done a good job paying their taxes. Like Lindsay Lohan and Stephen Baldwin before her, the former “Baywatch” star failed to up for her taxes in 2011.

According to an IRS report seen by TMZ, Anderson owes $259,395.75 for her 2011 federal taxes. An additional report from the State of California claims she owes another $112,118.90 in taxes there. That comes to a whopping $371,514.65 of outstanding debt, and what’s interesting is that this isn’t the first time Anderson has had major tax problems.

In 2009, she reportedly owed $1.7 million for outstanding taxes, and she has been listed as one of the “Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers” in California in the past. One would think that having this problem just once would teach any delinquent tax payer a lesson, but apparently that’s not the case for Anderson.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz