parenthood-christmas-episode.JPGIt’s not news that “Parenthood” makes us cry; almost every episode has us wailing. But this week’s Christmas-themed episode is particularly relentless in the emotion department.

The episode begins with Camille kindly not saying I-told-you-so to Sarah, since her ex-fiance Mark is on all of the Braverman Christmas cards after Sarah insisted on having him in the family photos in the season premiere. Here are five more things to expect from tonight’s heartbreaking episode.

1. Haddie! In perhaps the most realistic kid-away-at-college storyline that we’ve ever seen on television, Haddie’s flight is canceled due to a “snowpocalypse” back east. Though she is struggling to get back to Berkeley from Ithaca, it’s still nice to see Sarah Ramos on the show in any capacity. We’ve missed her!

2. Ryan hits his breaking point. We’ve been wondering when Ryan would finally snap — those pills he’s been popping aren’t exactly a sign of a healthy situation. In tonight’s episode, we’ll see shades of the Ryan who scared Amber the night before his friend’s funeral. It’s incredibly moving to see how Amber handles everything, especially when you consider the girl she was in Season 1.

3. A little magic for Victor. “Parenthood” pays homage to some traditional Christmas movies in this episode when Victor — who quite firmly doesn’t believe in Santa Claus — gets a taste of how magical it is to be a Braverman. Especially on Christmas.

4. Cancer takes its toll. You may have noticed in the previews for this episode, that Kristina has made a video message to leave behind for her three children in case of her death. If you’re not crying by the time she gets to Nora, you are made of stone. Meanwhile, Adam’s emotional roller coaster is devastating, and over the course of one episode, we’ll see him be a strong man for his family and watch him crumble like a little boy.

5. A turning point for Jasmine and Crosby. While Kristina and Adam are in the hospital, Jasmine and Crosby spend the holidays watching Nora and Max. It leads them to make an important decision about their own lives.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie