parenthood graham miles mae 'Parenthood' stars Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer talk romance, family bonding, and porn. Naturally.By now, it’s no secret to Parenthood fans that Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) are finally having their long-awaited wedding this week, but when we visited the set earlier this month and watched them shoot the wedding scenes, it was still a top-secret affair. You wouldn’t have known it, though, from the casual vibe on set.

While some TV sets are ridden with anxiety, security, and spoiler police making sure you don’t see anything remotely interesting, the “Parenthood” lot is a cozy, family affair. Savannah Paige Rae’s older sister does cartwheels behind the camera with a friend while a crepe truck (compliments of the producers) feeds the cast and crew… and, okay, certain members of the press.

When Mae Whitman sits down for our interview, the comfortable-family-gathering feel continues as she drags on-screen little bro Miles Heizer along with her and proudly says, “This is my son, Miles. I’m the mom, he’s my son.”

Sitting off to the side, Lauren Graham laughs, “He’s my son! You’re not even in wardrobe! What are you doing?”

“You can both be my moms,” Heizer sighs.

Needless to say, it takes a while before we get down to business. When we actually get around to asking questions, we dive right into the important stuff: Bob. The young politician played by “Black Donnellys” star Jonathan Tucker has completely won our hearts this season, but his weekend away with Amber was interrupted by Kristina (Monica Potter) after Haddie (Sarah Ramos) spilled the beans. Rude!

“She ratted her out!” Whitman agrees. “Haddie doesn’t get it. She is a whole different kinda girl.” When we ask whether the tattle-tale move will come between the cousins, who have always been close, Whitman scoffs. “It should. I think Amber is at a place right now where she’s more aware of the complications of her relationship with Bob. It’s a difficult situation, so I think she’s not really blaming anyone, she’s just trying to figure out how to deal with it.”

parenthood bob amber 'Parenthood' stars Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer talk romance, family bonding, and porn. Naturally.While Amber stands to lose a super-hot guy in this whole catastrophe, the real casualty could be her career. She hasn’t had a lot of luck in that department, and we’d hate to see her abandon it all over one embarrassing night in a Sacramento hotel. “Amber is still young, and she’s impulsive,” Whitman says. “She’s a lot like her mom. She’s romantic and emotional and I think that has led her to make decisions that are not always the best for her health or her path.”

This decision is a tricky one, though, because Bob isn’t like some of the burnout heartbreaker types Amber has dated in the past. “He’s a really great guy! He’s very smart, he sees how great she is, he’s very funny and he cares about her for who she is. It’s such complex timing, though, so I don’t know what she’s going to do.” Whitman pauses. “Well, I do know. But I can’t tell you.”

Honesty! So refreshing.

Though Amber has spent a lot of time with Kristina this season, it was heartwarming to see her turn to her mom for a little good old fashioned support toward the end of last week’s episode.

“I’m always sad when I don’t have scenes with my son Miles and my mom Lauren,” Whitman laughs. “Listen, our relationship is confusing, we’re still working it out, but he is my son. It’s sad to me that she hasn’t had too much contact with her family lately, but I think her and Sarah have a really good, unique way of communicating with each other. It helps them make sense of difficult situations.”

As we’ve seen from the preview for this week’s finale, Drew (Heizer) is taking his relationship with his girlfriend Amy (Skyler Day) to the next level. (Sex, people. We’re talking about sex.) As he reaches this crossroads in his life, we couldn’t help but wonder if he’d turn to his sister for a little advice.

“No, but I was saying this earlier — I feel like we should be talking to each other more,” Heizer says, turning to Whitman. “I asked you about kissing.”

“Yeah!” Whitman laughs. “You needed kissing advice, but now you think you know how to stick it in? I don’t think so! Maybe he’s been watching some pornies.”

“Then why would I have asked how to kiss?”

“Well, they don’t really kiss in pornies. Maybe you were confused,” she replies, turning back and leaning into the recorder. “Please make sure that you state that I said ‘pornies.'”

“There are some steps taken forth between Drew and Amy,” Heizer says, attempting to steer the interview back on track. “It should be interesting. It was a little nerve-wracking for me, I guess. This season Drew is really growing up, which should make for some interesting storylines next season.”

From a few feet away, Graham calls out to Heizer to ask a question about a storyline. “Don’t! I’m talking to Miles!” Whitman shouts back, grabbing him close.

I’m talking to Miles!”

I’m talking to Miles! He’s my son!” Whitman insists. “Miles is helping me with my interview! I need him as my counselor!”

At this point, we vaguely consider closing one eye to keep the camera out of our peripheral vision, so that we can just imagine that we’ve stumbled across a real Braverman family gathering. It’s unclear whether art is imitating life or vice-versa, but we have clearly found ourselves in the midst of a true family in any sense of the word.

To imagine that we might not see more of the Bravermans is basically unbearable at this point, and the fact that NBC has yet to announce a Season 4 plucks at our heartstrings. Still, the cast remains confident that Season 4 will happen, and they’re not saying any emotional goodbyes as filming wraps on the finale.

When we ask Whitman, finally, what she hopes to see happen for Amber moving forward in the series, we’re not surprised when Graham provides another welcome interruption, grinning. “We open a bakery,” she says excitedly. “And Amber and Sarah spend all their time talking, and baking–“

“Is that what they did on ‘Gilmore Girls’?” Whitman asks. “This is a new show!”

“No, that was an inn! And then it burned down! And then there was a whole other inn!”

Heizer sighs, for perhaps the hundredth time since the interview began. “The Dragonfly Inn,” he says wearily, as Graham and Whitman continue to shout good-naturedly at each other. “It was The Dragonfly Inn.”

That was when we decided that we would also like to adopt him as our son.

Tune in to “Parenthood” tonight at 10 p.m. for the season finale, and then write your congressman (or someone) and demand a Season 4. We’re not ready to say goodbye to the Bravermans. Ever.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie