pari hilton 2 getty Paris Hilton recording new album; Will the second time be the charm?The stars are not only blind but apparently they’re deaf.

Paris Hilton took to Twitter to announce she’s back in the recording studio laying down tracks for a follow-up to her 2006 eponymous album “Paris.”

The starlet writes, “In the studio recording. Love working out here in Paris. :)”

Hilton’s musical career got off to a rough start. Her first album sold a dismal 197,000 copies and she was dropped by her record label, Warner Bros. Then matters got worse as Warner and Hilton got sued for plagiarism by Sparta Florida Music Group for what many perceived as uncanny similarities between “Stars Are Blind” and the song “Kingston Town.”

If her Twitter postings are any indication, the album will feature house music and involvement from the Grammy Award-winning producer Afrojack.

Here’s a bit of “old school” Paris.

Posted by:David Eckstein