paris hilton good time lil wayne music video 1 Paris Hilton's 'Good Time' music video with Lil Wayne debuts   Watch the nightmare of a pool party unfold

Because you have been positively itching to see it, Paris Hilton’s new single and music video, “Good Time,” has been released to the public. Paris tried her hand at music before, and for some reason thinks it’s a good idea to give it another shot, only this time she’s bringing Lil Wayne along for the ride.
The song doesn’t seem to contain any actual singing, but rather Paris talking through a computer. She’s not necessarily known as a vocalist though, so what do you expect? As for the video, it has a lot of Hilton prancing around in bathing suits at some sort of poolside rave. One of her bathing suits is studded with spikes, which is a particularly bad idea. That thing could take lives at a pool party, Paris. You should know better. 
Lil Wayne’s first line in the song probably explains why he’s there in the first place, as he raps, “I’m f***ed up. I can’t tell you what’s what.” You’re not the only one, Wayne.
You can check out the video below, but be warned it contains explicit language.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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