amy poehler parks s4 'Parks and Recreation': Is an 'Occupy Pawnee' episode in the works?“Parks and Recreation” has used current events as comedy fodder a few times in the past — see the Anthony Weiner-esque situation with Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) in this season’s premiere.

It appears the show’s writers have also been watching the news in the past month or so, because one of the ideas kicking around the writers room is an “Occupy Pawnee” story, star and producer Amy Poehler says.

“We were talking about that,” Poehler tells Vulture. “I don’t know where we’ll be with the time frame of that, but maybe Pawnee will be up in arms.”

We don’t know what sort of thing might lead Pawnee’s citizens to protest en masse (at least now that the issue of what goes in the time capsule has been settled), but an Occupy story could actually work within the world of “Parks and Rec.” Consider:

– Pawnee residents are known to get riled up about trivial things, so it’s not a stretch to think they’d get upset about something that actually hurts them (lavish bonuses being paid to Sweetums executives while rank-and-file workers are being laid off, say).

– Leslie (Poehler) is running for a city council seat, and becoming embroiled in the protests (either pro or con) could become an issue in her campaign.

– The comic possibilities of Ron (Nick Offerman) wading through the protesters to get to his office and Andy (Chris Pratt) becoming sympathetic to the cause are seemingly bountiful.

Timeliness could be an issue, but despite the recent clearouts of protesters in New York, Oakland and elsewhere, it doesn’t feel like the Occupy movement is going away in the near future. We kind of hope the “Parks and Rec” writers figure out a way to crack the story, because we think we’d like to see that episode.

Posted by:Rick Porter