parks and rec bowling 'Parks and Recreation': Leslie goes negative ... on a voterTelling a constituent that you’re going to introduce your foot to their
a** is not a conventional campaign strategy. But Leslie Knope is not
running a conventional campaign.

Much to Ben’s (Adam Scott) dismay, Leslie (Amy Poehler) gets her back up on Thursday’s (Jan. 26) “Parks and Recreation” when a guy attending her bowling-alley campaign event walks away unimpressed. We’ll grant that coming to such an event just for the beer is kind of uncool, but still — it’s probably best for the campaign not to be making hostile bets with potential voters.

It is, however, pretty funny.

On the other hand, “funny” only begins to describe the dance Chris (Rob Lowe) does in the second clip after securing a donation for Leslie’s campaign. He’s not quite as herky-jerky as Elaine was on “Seinfeld,” but you’d be forgiven if you utter “Sweet fancy Moses” after watching. (Also, Aubrey Plaza‘s talking head at the end of the scene is fantastic.)

“Parks and Rec” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC. Take a look at the clips:

Posted by:Rick Porter