parker posey parks and rec 320 'Parks and Recreation': Parker Posey holds her nose and comes to PawneeOK, so we shouldn’t say that Parker Posey herself is so against Pawnee. As she says in this interview clip from NBC, she’s been wanting to do a guest spot on “Parks and Recreation” for some time.

But the character she plays in Thursday’s (May 3) episode — Lindsay, Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) counterpart in the parks department in nearby Eagleton — really isn’t happy about setting foot in Pawnee. Lindsay is a former Pawnee girl herself, and she and Leslie used to be BFFs, but she has drunk deep of the upper-middle-class Eagleton Kool-aid and is now putting up fences in her parks to keep Pawnee folk out.

She even — horrors! — feeds her dog with waffles from Leslie’s beloved JJ’s Diner. That’s just low.

You can see Leslie and Lindsay’s showdown in full on “Parks and Recreation” at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday (May 5). To whet your appetite, check out the two preview clips below.

Posted by:Rick Porter