It’s one thing to have someone break up with you. It’s quite another to have someone break up with you — and you don’t realize it.

That’s where we find Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) at the start of Thursday’s (March 17) “Parks and Recreation.” In the last episode, she and Chris (Rob Lowe) ended things, only she wasn’t aware of it until about a week later — even though everyone around her was. Ouch.

So in Thursday’s episode, “Harvest Festival,” Ann decides to take things into her own hands. For one, she dyes a shock of her hair bright red. There are a few other things too, as Jones told Zap2it at PaleyFest last week: “She does kind of exercise her freedom as a single person, and she gets busy with some dudes,” she says in the video above. “She definitely takes advantage of that.”

Is she trying to make Chris jealous, we wonder? “I don’t think so,” Jones replies. “She’s just doing it for herself. She’s so used to being the caretaker, the doormat. She wants to make action happen on her own, and she does.”

(Lowe, incidentally, isn’t in Thursday’s episode, as he away was filming a movie. He’ll be back next week.)

Jones also talked about her brief return to “The Office” in “Threat Level Midnight”; hit play up above to hear about the “weird dream” that was her cameo.

“Parks and Recreation” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter