parks rec premiere1 'Parks and Recreation' Season 3 pics: Date night?NBC has posted the first photos for Season 3 of “Parks and Recreation” — and it would appear that Rob Lowe — er, Chris Traeger — is making himself at home in Pawnee.

The shots from the season premiere on Jan. 20 show Chris and Ann (Rashida Jones) — who, you’ll recall, made out a little bit at the end of last season — on what looks very much like a date. Co-creator Mike Schur has told Zap2it that Ann will be one of the things that keeps Chris in Pawnee this season, so given that and the tablecloths and Ann’s sort of shy smile in the photo above, we’re going to call it a date.

But if that’s the case, what are Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) doing there, and hwy is Leslie sitting down?

parks rec premiere4 'Parks and Recreation' Season 3 pics: Date night?Oh, right. Because she’s Leslie. And because she’s Leslie, things with Ben might not proceed as smoothly as either party would hope. See the photo below.

parks rec premiere3 'Parks and Recreation' Season 3 pics: Date night?“Parks and Recreation” returns to NBC on Jan. 20.  

Posted by:Rick Porter