retta kerry washington parks and rec scandal crossover nbc abc 'Parks and Recreation's' Retta talks dream 'Scandal' crossover: 'Donna would be Olivia's rival'It’s no secret that the love runs deep between the casts of “Parks and Recreation” and “Scandal.” “Parks” star Aziz Ansari has gone on record with his desire of a crossover between the hit shows, and now his co-star Retta is joining him.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday (Oct. 16) at an on-set celebration in honor of the NBC comedy’s milestone 100th episode, airing later this season, the comedienne and real-life “Scandal” fanatic sounded off on her dream Donna storyline in a proposed crossover.

“I would like Donna to become a rival of Olivia Pope [Kerry Washington] and try to, you know, work her way up, try to make moves on Fitz [Tony Goldwyn],” she revealed. “I’m kinda feeling that.”

Ansari piggy-backed on the idea, saying, “We should totally do a ‘Parks’ episode where Donna has to do crisis management”

In Retta’s fantasy, however, things get a little steamy: “But she steals Harrison [Colombus Short] from the firm because I want to have sex with him. That would be amazing. She ‘hires’ him, but then she gets it.”

“Parks and Recreation” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC, while “Scandal” rules the roost over at ABC at 10 p.m. on the same night.

Are you on board with a “Parks”/”Scandal” crossover?

Posted by:Billy Nilles