kelsey grammer partners fx 1 'Partners' Kelsey Grammer doesn't 'want to spend another 10 years' on a TV series

Zap2it: “Partners” is following the model used for FX with “Anger Management,” with the network able to buy another 90 episodes in a single order if it’s pleased with the performance of the first 10. Do you like that arrangement?
Kelsey Grammer: I didn’t want to spend another 10 years to put a couple hundred shows together. If things go well here, in two or three years, we’ll have 150 shows and a nice syndicated cluster to sell to people. And that makes me very happy.
Zap2it: That means a quick production pace, too. Though you’re surely no stranger to sitcom work, how are you finding it on “Partners”?
Kelsey Grammer: You just have to trust your gut a lot and sometimes say, “No, that’s not really funny. Let’s cut that now.” It’s definitely stepped up a notch, and I’m really enjoying the challenge of it.
Zap2it: “Partners” is set in Chicago, as was your drama series “Boss.” Do you have a special affinity for the Windy City?
Kelsey Grammer: You know what? For a while, we thought, “Everybody and their dog is shooting a show in Chicago right now.” There was some debate about it, but it seemed like kind of the right place for this. It’s the middle of America, and these characters’ worlds can meet there.
Zap2it: Your “Partners” character is named Allen, and your actual first name is Allen. Coincidence?
Kelsey Grammer: Actually, that’s also my father-in-law’s name, so it’s sort of an homage to him.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin