anthony bourdain frito pie parts unknown 'Parts Unknown's' Anthony Bourdain sorry for Frito pie diss

TV food critic Anthony Bourdain is admitting he was wrong about a Frito pie he reviewed in New Mexico on a recent episode of “Parts Unknown.” In the segment, he describes the dish as “canned Hormel chili and day-glow orange cheese-like substance” dropped “like a deuce” into a bag of Fritos. He even called it a colostomy pie, which is pretty disgusting.
Mike Collins, store manager of the Five & Dime Bourdain visited, disagree with his review. His biggest issue is with the idea that they use canned chili in their recipe, the Associated Press reports. He says their is a homemade recipe. “I mean, if we’re using canned Hormel Chili then I’d like to buy stock in that because what we have is good,” he reasons
Bourdain’s spokeswoman admits that the writer of the voice over got the information wrong. Furthermore, Bourdain has released his own statement saying he actually enjoyed the dish, even if it didn’t seem like it. “It may have felt like s*** but was shockingly tasty,” he recalls.
Take a look at the segment below. Does the Frito pie look good to you?

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