avril pat benetar Pat Benetar and Avril Lavigne: 'Love is a Battlefield' performed acoustically on 'Oprah'Four-time Grammy Award winner Pat Benetar visited The Oprah Winfrey Show for Wednesday’s episode, which focused on 70s and 80s Rock Goddesses. She performed “Love is a Battlefield,” sounding as epic as ever.

The 58-year-old welcomed 26-year-old green-haired Avril Lavigne to join her on stage for the performance, which gave a new angle to the classic “we are young” chorus.

“This is my first time performing with Pat and it’s the biggest honor ever,” Lavigne gushed. “This is such a moment for me to remember, it’s so amazing. Huge.”

Benetar addressed the sexism she faced when she first came on the scene in the 70s. “It was a nightmare,” she says. “I used to call it the gauntlet, because every day it would be, ‘Why don’t you just come in here and sit down on my lap and we’ll get that record played.’ All the time, it was crazy.”

She says she’s managed to stay with her guitarist husband Neil Giraldo because “he’s really nice,” even in the wild world of the music industry. “We made a commitment really early on,” she says.

“She’s always right,” Giraldo adds. “There’s no woman in the solar system that isn’t right.”

Lavigne thanks Benetar and her peers for her contribution to the industry. “These women paved the way for artists like me,” she says. “They were the first women in rock and roll and had to go head to head with other male bands. They’re strong, they’re independent, and they’re doing what they love.”

Watch the full performance in HD here.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie