pat sajak wheel of fortune climate change twitter gi Pat Sajak's Twitter on climate change: Good joke, bad joke or not a joke at all?

A casual read through the Twitter account belonging to “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak reveals a few things. He’s an avid user of the site. He mostly tweets jokes. And several jokes in the past month have focused on climate change and global warming.

Is Sajak a climate-change denier or a supporter? In a world filled with out-of-context, 140-character messages about nuanced subjects, is there ever a way to know the truth?
Probably not. But here are some of the tweets that have gotten Twitter in a tizzy.

Back on May 11 (far down Sajak’s highly populated timeline), the game-show host made a joke familiar to anyone who has suffered through cold weather at any point in the past few decades.

Only a few days later (May 14), Sajak was either worried, kidding or mocking projects that raise funds to combat climate change.

Finally, on May 20, Sajak said all sorts of extreme things about those who warn others about global warming.

What does any of this mean? It’s hard to tell. Only one thing is for certain: Pat Sajak’s Twitter feed is an odd, busy and sometimes humorous place.

Posted by:Laurel Brown