Patrick Stewart was supposedly a guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to talk about his Broadway plays (he’s in two of them). But mostly the two Stewarts talked about more important things like lobster costumes and scandalous politicians.

Thank goodness they did — it’s much more entertaining for the audience.

Coming out with a bang, Patrick Stewart addressed the Rob Ford and Rand Paul scandals discussed earlier on “The Daily Show.” In doing so, the legendary actor may have offered the deepest commentary to date on the issue of dishonesty in politics:

“Maybe they’re not politicians. Maybe they’re actually comedians but they have bad scriptwriters. Think about that?”

Whoa. Or, as Jon Stewart put it, “You just blew my f***ing mind.”

The conversation remained on the same intellectual-but-not level for the rest of the interview, mostly because Jon Stewart wanted to know about the lobster costume the actor tweeted shortly before Halloween. Although Jon insisted that the Sir Patrick Lobster brought him nothing but joy, Patrick had to mention that not everyone was happy. “People have pointed out that I shouldn’t have been pink,” he explained, totally serious (but not). “Because if I were pink, I’d be dead.”

Biological considerations aside, the story behind the costume really is a sweet one. It’s all the fault of Stewart’s wife. “We were going to a Halloween party. And I had explained to her, I am an actor, we do not put on costumes!” Patrick Stewart said. But his wife obviously did not listen and ordered a costume for her husband anyway. “She took it out of the box and showed it to me. I had to put it on!”

But how did the lobster version of Patrick Stewart end up photographed in a bathtub? That was apparently the doing of a musician friend “who said, ‘you’ve got to put him in the bath.'”

So they did.

patrick stewart halloween lobster costume daily show twitter Patrick Stewart explains lobster costume, blows Jon Stewart's mind on 'The Daily Show'Not everyone would put something so very silly out on social media for all the world to see, but Patrick Stewart has a different view on the matter. As he told the “Daily Show” host, “If it makes us laugh, then I have to share it.”

Now that sounds like a good philosophy.

Posted by:Laurel Brown