paul bettany vision clark gregg coulson avengers marvel ultron Paul Bettany as Vision: What does this mean for 'Agents of SHIELD's' Coulson?

Big news in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Paul Bettany will play the Vision in the upcoming “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” As confirmed by Variety, Bettany will play the android created by Ultron who later becomes an Avengers ally.

Bettany is already familiar in the MCU as the voice of Tony Stark’s A.I. Jarvis. Could his casting be a clue as to the Vision’s story? Could Ultron somehow turn Jarvis into an android? The possibilities are intriguing.

But, most importantly, this casting officially shuts down speculation that Clark Gregg‘s resuscitated “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” character Agent Phil Coulson is the Vision. Even before it was announced that Coulson was being brought back to life, fans speculated he could be the Vision. Gregg liked to poke fun at the rumor, but at long last fans can stop speculating that Coulson is actually that character.

So what does this mean for Coulson? There still is a big mystery surrounding why he was brought back from the dead after “The Avengers.” The way he was brought back to life was revealed in episode 11 “The Magical Place,” but that left viewers with more questions than answers. Why was Nick Fury so dead set on not letting Coulson die? And did he come back as human, or something other?

According to the cast and producers, those questions will get answers in “Agents of SHIELD’s” final eight episodes.

“We found out what Tahiti was — or lack thereof — but we didn’t know why. Why is it a huge secret?” Chloe Bennet tells Zap2it. “There’s a couple big question marks. There’s: What am I? Where am I from? Why the f*** are they not telling Coulson why he died? And then there’s: Who’s the Clairvoyant? Who’s the head of Centipede? What is happening? Basically starting next episode, it’s bam bam bam bam bam from here on, so it will be a lot of answers and a lot of drama.”

So if Coulson isn’t the Vision after all, what is he? Share your speculation in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz