paul george pacers injury ankle leg Paul George seriously injured in USA Basketball Showcase gameIndiana Pacers star Paul George suffered a gruesome leg injury while chasing after a ball in a Team USA Basketball Showcase scrimmage. He was chasing after a  ball when his leg bent sideways, cracking in a place where legs are not supposed to crack.

It’s unclear what, exactly the injury is, but it’s definitely gruesome. Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski told the crowd after George was lifted onto a stretcher that the intra-squad scrimmage was canceled, Sports Illustrated reports.

Fans immediately took to Twitter in the wake of the fall, with “Damn Paul George” becoming a worldwide trending topic within minutes. Regardless of George’s diagnosis, there’s clearly going to be some major recovery time involved (legs are definitely not supposed to bend that way).

Some intrepid VIne users captured video of the horrific injury, but before you watch it beware: It’s graphic. And there’s slow-mo replay.

Posted by:Jean Bentley