snl paul rudd one direction anchorman Paul Rudd hosts 'Saturday Night Live': Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, Will Ferrell and 'Anchorman' cast stop by

Paul Rudd hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the third time on Saturday (Dec. 7), and with a little help from his friends (and co-stars), he served up one of the season’s best episodes so far.

The surprises came early and often, as Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen made their triumphant return to “SNL” during the cold open. Spoofing NBC’s “Sound of Music Live!” came the “Sound of Music Live! Condensed!” fitting the 3-hour special into just a few minutes. Plus, it featured one very strange Von Trapp family member … Wiig’s classic character with the tiny plastic baby hands, Dooneese.

Continuing on the high note, Rudd’s monologue was crashed by not only musical guest One Direction, but also Rudd’s “Anchorman” co-stars, Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, and David Koechner. Joining forces for an epic rendition of “Afternoon Delight,” we beared witness to the birth of Nine Direction. Now that’s a concert we’d camp out all week to see.

Rudd was game to play any kind of character, from a wildly nerdy dancing divorcee, to a sexed up, thin Santa suffering from a midlife crisis, to One Direction’s No. 1 fan, and his commitment and energy resulted in an extremely fun episode. Capping off the successful show came the reemergence of a classic “SNL” sketch created by Ferrell back in the 90s, “Bill Brasky.”

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum