paul schneider parks and rec 320 Paul Schneider leaving 'Parks and Recreation'?Is Paul Schneider (Mark Brendanawicz) saying peace out to Pawnee?

Though NBC has yet to confirm anything, several solid sources tell KTV that Schneider is set to exit “Parks and Recreation.”
Schneider’s character Mark is dating Rashida Jones‘ character this season, but he hasn’t been given too much else to do as of late.
And with the recent cast additions of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott, one would assume that there will be even less room in upcoming story lines.    
So, thoughts?
As a fan of both “P&R” and Paul, I’ll be sorry to see Mark go. 
Perhaps he’ll pop in as a guest star sometime?
Any guesses on how the show might write him out?
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh