penny dreadful 103 recap showtime 'Penny Dreadful' Season 1, episode 3 recap: 'Resurrection' tells Caliban's story

After the sudden and tragic murder of Proteus in the last episode, “Penny Dreadful” has some serious making up to do for getting rid of the most likable character in the whole affair. Whether they were able to pull that off is up to you to decide, but there was definitely some important character development throughout.
We learned what drove Victor to his fascination with the human body and creating life in the first place. After the death of his best friend, a dog, his mother also became gravely ill and passed. However, upon the “birth” of his first creation, which didn’t go well, he freaked out and abandoned him.
During the years he was left alone, the creature taught himself to read and speak and eventually set out to track down Victor. He found a home working backstage at a theater and was labeled Caliban, taken from “The Tempest.”. The best part of that was the bit of “Sweeney Todd” being staged when Caliban first encounters the theater. It was also the second time in as many weeks a character has thrown out the phrase “Penny Dreadful” in conversation.
Now, Caliban expects Victor to build him a female counterpart. He’s found a life and home in the theater. However, others still look down on him due to how his looks and lack of civility. He wants a life companion, but that’s not something Victor is willing to deliver. Even the threat of death isn’t enough to convince the doctor, who leaves Caliban behind. That will definitely be followed up on soon.

Meanwhile, Ethan rejoins Vanessa and Malcolm in the search for Murray’s daughter, Mina. Vanessa had a vision of the girl, leading them to the London Zoo. After an encounter with wolves, they found Fenton, a servant to the vampire master, in the monkey house. They capture him and try to get information, but it’s useless.
They then call Victor in, at which point they must all agree to do whatever it takes to find Mina. It forces Ethan to face the fact that what they’re dealing with isn’t of this world, but something else entirely. Vanessa also learns that she’s the one the vampire master wants, not Mina. Murray knew, but wasn’t going to divulge that information to her.

The strangest bit in the episode, was the complete waste of Billie Piper. After a sex scene and a couple moments with Ethan last week, Brona’s only appearance in “Resurrection” was via another sex scene. Considering how good an actress Piper is, her character needs to be fleshed out as soon as possible. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of having her there in the first place?
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