pepsi flavored cheetos japan Pepsi flavored Cheetos are real, consider yourself warned

If you’re looking for the next step in junk food evolution, the people at Frito-Lay have you covered. The company has a product so weird, it actually makes Taco Bell’s Doritos line of tacos seem almost boring. Would you eat Pepsi-flavored Cheetos?
The snack is in stores in Japan, and someone over at The Impulsive Buy got their hands on a bag to taste test. Instead of being coated in their normal cheese-like powder the snacks are covered in a so-called cola powder, which attempts to replicate the taste of Pepsi. 
Unfortunately, the reviewer says it’s a little too lemony and leaves a strange aftertaste, not necessarily something you’d long for. However, they do note that the powder fizzes a little to match drinking a soda. It’s a nice little touch.
For those in the United States waiting for them to appear at their local grocery store, don’t hold your breath. A spokesman for PepsiCo shot down that possibility when asked about it by the LA Times. “The answer is no.”

We’ll see what the internet has to say about that.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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