“Person of Interest” might not have revealed where the Machine is in its Season 2 finale “God Mode,” but at least it showed where the Machine was. Root (Amy Acker) finally managed to arrive at the holding place for the sentient computer in tonight’s episode, but found that it had already relocated itself before she arrived there with Finch (Michael Emerson).

Yes, “God Mode” confirmed that the Machine can in fact think for itself. Through a series of flashbacks, it’s revealed how Ingram actually died, and how that murder led Finch to reevaluate the “non-relevant” numbers the Machine produces. It had already been revealed that Nathan Ingram wanted to save those that the Machine deemed not worth saving while he was alive, and in “God Mode” we find out that Finch would have already known about Ingram’s impending death if he had paid attention to that list.

A twist to be sure, and it revealed something very telling about Finch’s character. It was after Ingram’s death that caused Finch to decide to set the Machine “free,” something Root sought to do in Season 2. Little did she know that he had already taught it to protect itself, and that her hunt for the Machine’s location was all for naught because it had already managed to relocate itself before she, Reese (Jim Caviezel) or anyone else could find it.

That means the hunt is still on for the Machine once Season 3 returns. “God Mode” ended with Root locked in a mental institution and Finch unsure if the Machine will continue to send out numbers. That question didn’t hang unanswered for long, as Roose and Finch, the mysterious government organization and even Root all got call from the computer at the end of “God Mode.” We only heard it speak to Root, however. “Can you hear me?” the Machine asked her in the final moments of the episode. The camera faded to black and she answered simply, “Absolutely.”

Hopefully Root’s relationship with the Machine will continue to be explored going forward. Who does the Machine want help from more: Root or Finch? Does it see Root as a threat or as an ally? It clearly didn’t trust her completely because it didn’t bring her to its proper location when she was on the hunt for it, so maybe it’s not as close to her as she’d like to think. Whatever the reason for the Machine’s actions, we’re crossing our fingers that we see a lot more of it interacting with Root going forward.

One of the high points of “God Mode” was getting to see Reese and Shaw act as a team, and hopefully there will be a lot more Sarah Shahi in Season 3. It would be too easy to have her become Reese’s love interest, but it would be a nice change of pace to have her act as his partner. She clearly is against HR’s goals, and has already proved more than useful to Reese during a number of occasions in Season 2.

Fusco got the shaft in the finale episode, but at least Carter (Taraji P. Henson) got some time in the spotlight. She managed to save Elias from being killed by Terney and his HR cronies, but to what end? That storyline wasn’t wrapped up as well as Finch and Reese’s in “God Mode,” and it will be interesting to see if it comes to prominence more next season.

Finally, just who is the “ma’am” that both Hersh and Terney were reporting to in “God Mode”? Could it be that someone else is pulling the strings behind the scenes that we don’t know about yet? Considering Season 3 of “Person of Interest” has already been picked up by CBS, it’s nice to have a taste of the direction this series will head in when it returns later this year.

What did you think about “Person of Interest’s” Season 2 finale?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz