person of interest season 2 finale 'Person of Interest' Season 2 finale: Showrunners tease what to expect in 'God Mode'

When “Person of Interest” heads into its Season 2 finale tonight, fans can rest easy knowing CBS has already renewed the series for a third season. That means that viewers shouldn’t expect every loose Season 2 storyline to get tied up in this episode, “God Mode,” as some will be left hanging to lead into Season 3.

Zap2it recently had the opportunity to speak with “Person of Interest” showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, who teased where the Season 2 finale is headed. As set up in “Zero Day,” the subject of the Machine’s potential sentience is going to be a hot topic.

“I think we sort of laid out in a fair amount of detail in [‘Zero Day’] our feelings about the Machine’s sentience and where it’s at in terms of the way Finch found kind of a workaround toward denying it sentience,” Nolan says. “I think the nature of that word and what exactly that means is something we’re really excited to explore in Season 3.”

Going off of that, Plageman says that the Machine will be a big focus of “God Mode.” “It’s clear the Machine has developed some sort of coping mechanism over how to address Finch ‘crippling it,’ as Root would say. It’s a big question we’re going to answer in the finale,” he teases.

Finch and Reese’s Season 2 storyline has veered off in a different direction from Carter and Fusco’s, and the “Person of Interest” showrunners make it clear that fans shouldn’t expect those two different plots to converge tonight. Instead, things will remain a bit messy in this series’ world.

“Last season everyone wound up in the same spot,” Nolan says. “This season our world has gotten a little bigger and the stories have gotten a little disparate. We didn’t want to tie them into a neat little bow. We feel like the audience is as invested as we are in all of these characters — that includes Carter — and Carter’s path, as illustrated in [‘Zero Day’], is a little lonelier through this finale. She’s on a bit of a journey herself.

Plageman adds, “Clearly she’s run afoul of HR. What that predicament presents to Carter is something that is going to be explored in the finale.”

While that predicament will be explored, it won’t necessarily be resolved. Nolan promises that HR will definitely still be a factor headed into Season 3.

“HR’s a problem, and a solution is not yet in sight,” he says. “We’ll probably be hearing from them again in the third season. And, you know, although there is resolution of a sort in this finale, you’ve still got a lot of — our goal season to season is to continue to A-up and raise the stakes every year.”

“Person of Interest’s” Season 2 finale, “God Mode,” airs May 9 at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz