person of interest season 3 finale recap cbs 'Person of Interest' Season 3, episode 23 'Deus Ex Machina' recap: The world as we know it is gone“Person of Interest” took at dark turn in its Season 3 finale, “Deus Ex Machina.” The CBS series subverted expectations once again when it went full-on dystopia and let Decima — and Samaritan — win.

Of all the possible endings to this season, we’d be lying if we said we were expecting that. If “Person of Interest” was once a riff on procedurals, it is now a fully science fiction show, and one with a very morbid outlook on the future.
It’s daring to take a winning formula and tear it apart, but that’s exactly what EPs Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman did in the Season 3 finale. With Finch, Reese, Shaw and Root all taking on new identities and with the Library destroyed, there’s no way Season 4 will be anything near the same show “Person of Interest” fans have come to expect.
That should excite viewers just as much as it is exciting us. Too often longtime successful TV shows stay the same to maintain viewership. It takes a much stronger and more respectable series to blow itself up in the middle of its run just to reform itself and keep itself interesting. Consider us interested.
The big twist in “Deus Ex Machina” was that Greer was behind Vigilance all along, and used it because the Machine was “too good” and he needed to find a way to get the Senator on his side to launch Samaritan. But, as Greer has already said to Finch, he doesn’t want to rule Samaritan. Instead, he wants Samaritan to rule humanity.
Will this show end up being an epic showdown between light (the Machine) and dark (Samaritan)? Will Finch, Reese and the rest truly just become soldiers of the Machine instead of its messengers? Root and the Machine remind Finch that there is hope left when all of the evil in Pandora’s Box is released, but whatever comes, the world as we know it has gone.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz