person of interest season 3 lethe recap 'Person of Interest' Season 3 fall finale: Control revealed, Vigilance returns

“Person of Interest” marked its Season 3 fall finale with the return of Vigilance and the long-anticipated reveal of Control. Following the death of Carter and defeat of HR, the show reminded its central characters that they can’t ignore the evils in the world just because they’re burnt out on crime fighting.

It doesn’t take long for old enemies to come calling in episode 11, “Lethe,” even though Finch is hesitant to accepting new numbers from the Machine. The person revealed is his old friend from his MIT days, Arthur Claypool, who happens to have drawn the attention of both Vigilance and the government. There’s no better time for Control to finally reveal herself (as previously announced guest star Camryn Manheim) than in the aftermath of HR’s takedown.

Unfortunately for Harold, he discovers too late that Arthur, who is suffering from memory loss after a tumor affected his mind, also created a machine similar to his own. Called Samaritan, this machine was designed to act as a memory system that thought autonomously, though the government shut it down before it was completed.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Control would be after this creation as well as Finch’s Machine. And considering it was the Machine that brought Finch and Shaw to Arthur, it’s clear she is concerned about Samaritan’s well-being and future.

But Control isn’t the only one after this other machine. Vigilance shows up at the hospital where Arthur is being treated to try to steal the information as well. Since Vigilance is all for the destruction of the Machine, it’s unclear if Samaritan being found by that group would be better or worse for it than falling into Control’s hands.

“Lethe” ends with a cliffhanger after Control points a gun at Finch and Arthur’s heads and tells them that one of them needs to reveal their Machine’s locations in order to live through this ordeal. Shaw is also captive with Finch, which leaves three of their allies separate from them to come to their rescue.

After a night of Reese sulking at a bar, he and Fusco finally duke it out like men to get rid of their sadness over losing Joss in their own way. We’re guessing Carter would be proud of her boys, but that doesn’t put them in the best position to be saving anyone — or even know Carter and Shaw are in trouble.

That leaves Root, who hopefully will pull out some of her awesome gun skills that she showed off in “The Devil’s Share” to come to the duo’s rescue. She tells Finch in this episode that the Machine wants them to work together, which means that she should be the one to come to their defense and save her “God’s” sister as well.

But the present day storyline wasn’t the only interesting one in “Lethe.” In a rare look into Finch’s past, it’s revealed that his father also suffered from memory loss and that was part of what spurred the young genius to come up with the idea of the Machine. Here’s hoping “Person of Interest’s” return on Jan. 7 will continue to explore the history of Harold Finch. Also, more of Michael Emerson singing in future episodes, please.

Who do you think is a bigger threat: Control or Vigilance?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz