person of interest season 3 finale leslie odom cbs 'Person of Interest' Season 3 finale has a 'monster twist,' says Leslie Odom

“Person of Interest” Season 3 is reaching a head in its finale, “Deus Ex Machina.” Now that Peter Collier’s motivations have been revealed, Vigilance is putting those Collier deems responsible for his brother’s death on trial — meaning Harold Finch is in some serious danger.
But Collier is not a man completely set in his ways, actor Leslie Odom tells Zap2it of his character. “Everybody’s fighting for their lives literally, so there’s times when Finch is trying to get me to change my mind about this stuff,” Odom teases of the 23rd and final episode of Season 3. “Collier is not a hardened man completely. He listens. And so you’ll see some of that stuff tonight for sure.”
The penultimate episode of the season, “A House Divided,” ended with the trial scene being set up. That spills over pretty directly into “Deus Ex Machina.”
“The courtroom is a playground tonight. We really, really had a ball going after each other. Camryn Manheim is no slouch, obviously Michael Emerson is giving it all,” Odom says. “It felt like an arena, bringing all of these characters together. Tonight we’ll see the final collision between all the entities vying for control of the Machine.”

With that being said, expect to see some “game-changing” twists, and have a cliffhanger ending to the season.
“You know there’s going to be a cliffhanger. There’s going to be a monster twist that no one will see coming. It’s a game-changing and exciting finale. There are deaths, but you’ve got to tune in to see who makes it out alive,” Odom teases. “A lot of questions will be answered, though. I love that they do that too. They don’t just keep the moving balls in the air. You will find out who starts Vigilance tonight. That’s the person who’s been texting Collier.”

Odom admits the ambiguity of his character was fun to play, especially since he didn’t know Collier’s backstory or motivations until they were revealed in the “A House Divided” script.
“I actually find it really focusing because all you have to do is play the truth of the moment,” he says. “I was hired nine months ago to play this guy. They always knew what he backstory was, but they didn’t tell me any of that, so I just had to play the truth of each moment and get what I wanted. If I needed to kidnap somebody, I needed to kidnap them. If I needed information, I needed the information. It didn’t really matter to me why, but like the audience, I was a spectator too. When I was revealed to me why he was doing it, it really gave the character permission to go to those dark places.”
It remains to be seen if Collier dies by the end of the Season 3 finale, but Odom says one way or another he will always be happy to return to “Person of Interest.”
“It’s really the most complicated, nuanced character I’ve ever been fortunate enough to play,” he says. “Obviously I’m a black man, I’m an African American actor. To get to play this nuanced and beautifully written [character]; the humanity and the care that they’ve taken with this character, and there’s no mention of race. It’s radical. … To get something like this that could have really been any actor, what a gift. So I’d come back any time.”
“Person of Interest’s” Season 3 finale airs Tuesday, May 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz