person of interest nothing to hide recap 'Person of Interest' Season 3: New enemy in 'Nothing to Hide,' but no Root or Machine location

Finch, Reese and Shaw have a brand new enemy.

The majority of “Person of Interest” Season 3’s second episode felt like a one-off episode that didn’t tie into the show’s overarching plot until it was revealed at its end that a new mystery organization is out there trying to bring privacy back to the people. The CBS drama continues its timely examination of whether people’s personas should be private or public knowledge with a tragic story of a woman who was stalked to her death as a result of a company that refused to not have her personal information on the internet.

“Nothing to Hide’s” twist ending came when a man named Collier revealed at the last minute he was a member of the organization. Collier had been partly responsible for destroying the life of a man named Kruger who worked for the aforementioned company with a penchant for sharing too much information. The reveal that Collier was the real threat to Kruger came as a surprise to Finch, who quickly realized his team has much bigger fish to fry.

Finch realized that this new threat is “putting an ideology into action” with Kruger’s death, especially considering Collier’s last words to him were, “This wasn’t a game, Mr. Kruger, this was a lesson. A first.” Collier said he was a part of a bigger group of people, which means viewers might not see his character again, yet that group might still be a threat to “Person of Interest’s” central cast of characters.

When Zap2it recently spoke to Amy Acker about the new season, she teased these new villains in Season 3.

“There’s an introduction of some new really cool bad guys this year. It will be fun to see how it all plays out,” Acker said. “They’re introduced pretty early on and we still haven’t figure out exactly what they are. It’s kind of being revealed to us as the season progresses. It will be a fun thing for the audience to kind of figure out.”

Speaking of Acker, Root was noticeably absent from episode 2 after making such an impact in the season premiere. Also, the subject of the Machine’s missing whereabouts hasn’t been mentioned once this entire season. Are we the only ones dying to know more about those two storylines? Or are you guys happy to see Reese and Finch get into the swing of things with Shaw while Fusco and Carter deal with their own side storylines? Let us know what you thought of “Nothing to Hide” in the comments section below.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz