person of interest lady killer taraji p henson 'Person of Interest' Season 3: Root breaks free in 'Lady Killer'   Recap

Even after seasons of watching “Person of Interest,” there’s something incredibly validating about seeing yet another person realize that the Machine is actually real. In the case of tonight’s episode, “Lady Killer,” it’s the psychiatrist who Root was dealing with in the Season 3 premiere that finally got to see the Machine at work.

After being absent in episode 2, “Nothing To Hide,” Root broke free from the mental institution in “Lady Killer” just like she had promised she would. If there was any doubt that the Machine actually is aiding Amy Acker‘s character, then that was cleared up in tonight’s episode. The Machine really does have a plan that Root is carrying out on its behalf, and Finch has been cled into that.

There was some serious panic in Harold Finch’s face when he realized that Root escaped, but the real question is whether or not he realized that the Machine was the one who assisted her. Considering the complicated nature of her mental institution exit, it seems likely that he realized she didn’t break out alone. But where did Root go? And how will Finch respond to learning that the Machine is dealing with Root in such a different way than how it deals with him? These are the big questions heading into the latter half of this season.

But “Lady Killer” wasn’t all about Root. “Person of Interest’s” three other ladies — Sarah Shahi, Taraji P. Henson and Paige Turco — dealt with a potential killer of their own. Though the case of the week wasn’t the bad guy he initially seemed to be, the episode did allow for the powerhouse trio to get gussied up and hit the town in skin-tight dresses. That more than anything added a fun dynamic to the show.

Fusco still didn’t have too much to do this episode, as it was Carter came to the forefront in “Lady Killer.” But don’t be worried Fusco will be taking a backseat for long. Executive producer Greg Plageman says that Fusco will get a major story arc coming up this season, it just hasn’t been introduced yet.

Are you glad that Root is out of the mental institution? What do you think the Machine’s plan is? And what did you think of the ladies of “Person of Interest” getting glammed up for some crime-fighting action?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz