person of interest season 3 razgovor recap 'Person of Interest' Season 3: Shaw finally shows emotion in 'Razgovor'

Sarah Shahi got her time to shine on “Person of Interest.”

All season the actress has been teasing that episode 5, “Razgovor,” will be the time where viewers finally get a little insight into why Shaw is the way she is. Flashbacks in this episode revealed that the death of her father at a young age was the first time when Shaw truly shut down and muted her emotions. Interestingly, it took another young girl of roughly the same age to crack adult Shaw’s hard shell.

This exploration into Shaw was a long time coming, but it’s nice to finally feel like the audience is getting to know her. Shahi has done a great job playing the character as a tough as nails woman with barely a hint of vulnerability, but when she lets Shaw’s softness shine — like she did in all of her scenes with Jen — the character really blossoms. Just like Finch said, she finally earned her place on the team in this episode.

In “Razgovor,” one of Season 3’s main storylines converged with the person of the week arc. The Machine selected the number of an immigrant, a young girl named Jen who just so happened to be in trouble with HR. Since the girl fashioned herself a spy, she wire tapped her whole building and ended up recording a conversation between HR and some the Russians that she wasn’t supposed to hear. Incidentally, Carter was tracking down the Russians from the opposite end of the spectrum in an attempt to discover who is at the head of HR.

That crossover allowed a lot of Season 3 secrets to come to the forefront. Reese revealed to Carter than he and Finch know what she’s up to, and she confirmed that she didn’t want their help. Carter finally told her partner Laskey that she knows he’s an HR underling, and managed to manipulate him into working for her. And Shaw confirmed that she’s only working with Reese and Finch to stay close to Bear, while also revealing that she bugged Finch’s office.

As for HR, the organization’s partnership with the Russians has finally been illuminated. With “Person of Interest’s central characters” on the same path again, hopefully Carter can work with Reese and Finch more in the future and not feel like she has to be on this journey solo.

With “Person of Interest” almost a fifth of the way into its third season, “Razgovor” was a nice way for the show to regroup with its main characters and move their storylines along. Neither the Machine nor Root were major players in this story arc — until the end, that is. That was when Root broke into Shaw’s apartment and kidnapped Reese and Finch’s newest ally, which bodes for a very, very exciting episode 6 coming up next.

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Posted by:Terri Schwartz