person of interest the crossing carter death 'Person of Interest' Season 3 'The Crossing': [SPOILER] dies after Reese shares his feelings

“Person of Interest” said goodbye to one of its main characters in Season 3. In the same season that Root and Shaw were upped to series regulars, poor Carter finally had her final farewell.

This has been Carter’s season the entire time, with her quest to take down HR dominating the main storyline. Taraji P. Henson has been fantastic in the role, and she’s really thrived in getting so much time in the spotlight. Throughout all of “The Crossing,” the episode made it seem that either Reese or Fusco would be the ones to die, but it makes sense that Carter would die with all of her ducks in a row.

Simmons might still be on the run, but Quinn is in custody and HR had been taken down by the time Carter is killed. Carter also knows that she can rely on her son’s father Paul to make sure Taylor is safe, which means that she can die with no loose strings hanging. The only big plotline left unfulfilled is her relationship with Reese, which reached its peak in “The Crossing.”

There’s been plenty of sexual tension between Reese and Carter all season, and it’s clear he respects her drive. But in this episode, he not only tells her she is the one who stopped him from committing suicide, but also kisses her. His number had been up all episode and so he thought he was the one to die, so he tells Carter that he was glad he would have been able to die alongside her. Hopefully the feeling was mutual.

Carter’s strength has been a driving force on “Person of Interest” not only in this season, but in the entire series. The fact that Shaw and Root are big parts of the show now (and thus upping the girl power) never detracted from the fact that Carter was the most capable woman in this world. She always stood her own alongside Finch, Reese and Fusco, and often helped them get out of binds.

Though Carter’s death is tragic, it’s hard not to feel proud of the character for getting Quinn behind bars while sticking to her morals. She might have turned to Reese, Shaw and Finch for help bringing HR down, but she showed just how capable she was on her own during this storyline. She is the type of character we should see more often on the small screen, and someone who will always be remembered for her strength and dedication to doing good. Rest in peace, Joss Carter. We’ll miss you.

Did you expect Carter to be the character who died in “Person of Interest”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz