person of interest the devils share season 3 reese 'Person of Interest' Season 3: With Carter dead, justice comes to Simmons in 'The Devil's Share'

“Person of Interest” said goodbye to one of its own in last week’s “The Crossing,” and no one on the CBS drama was going to take that death lying down. But the person who finally took Simmons’ life as revenge surprisingly wasn’t the person who brought the HR member to justice, and wasn’t even someone we expected.

“The Devil’s Share” was a lovely way to send Carter off as the characters on “Person of Interest” all wrestled with her death. From Finch and Reese to Fusco and Elias, the many people whose lives Carter touched remembered her with a respect that caused them to not compromise who they are. For Fusco, that meant arresting Simmons instead of killing him. For Reese, he didn’t kill Quinn. For Elias — admittedly not the most stand-up of men — he had one of his men kill Simmons because he liked Carter quite a bit.

From the opening montage showing Carter’s funeral mixed with shots of Reese, Finch & Co. trying to find Simmons through the final shot of Simmons’ death, the true loss of Taraji P. Henson‘s Carter was felt. But where the team lost one ally, they gained another. Root fully underwent her transformation from enemy to friend in this episode, assisting Finch, Shaw and Fusco in ending Reese’s vengeful tear (with two guns, no less) and then opting to stay locked up in Finch’s library to stay with them for the fight to come.

Amy Acker character is not all fans have taken to during her story arc, but hopefully Root will win viewers over as much as she wins Finch and Shaw in “The Devil’s Share.” It’s clear showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman adore her (they’ve given her plenty of screen time in Season 3) and they loved getting to show her off in all her good guy glory in this episode. Heck, even Bear likes her now.

But with HR defeated, Root’s promises of a darker evil on the horizon can’t be far off from coming to fruition. Vigilance has laid low for several episodes, but our bets are on them reappearing when “Person of Interest” comes back from its mini-hiatus. Will the team have recovered from Carter’s loss enough by then to face the new enemy? Reese might be on the mend physically, but it seems like he’s still got a ways to go in getting over losing someone he cared so deeply about. And Simmons’ death can’t go completely unnoticed after Finch and everyone tried so hard to keep him alive once they got him into custody.

Did you think “The Devil’s Share” was the proper sendoff to Joss Carter?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz