pink ellendegeneres ellenshow Pink confirms pregnancy on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'After much speculation about Pink‘s supposed bun in the oven, she stops by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday Nov. 17 to confirm the good news with a simple, “I’m eating for two these days.”

]]>The pop star expresses her anxiety about sharing the news, as she previously suffered a miscarriage, but says, “I worked for it … it was not an oops” when asked if the pregnancy was planned.

Of course, Ellen does not let Pink’s unborn bambino leave the studio empty-handed. The little boy or girl goes home with a mini motocross bike- to which Pink says “You know Carey’s gonna be on that later-” as well as an “Ellen” onesie complete with tattoo sleeves (that baby’s gonna have to fit in with mom and dad, right? Gotta start ’em early). 
According to Pink’s doctor, the little one is looking like a little girl. Dare we make a joke about the color “baby pink?”
“My mom has always wished me a daughter just like me,” she says. “I’m terrified… One of us will go to jail.”
We just have one last burning question for the mommy-to-be … What the heck are you going to name that kid?