mr skin celeb nude scenes top 10 2010 gi 500 'Piranha 3D,' Anne Hathaway top best nude scenes of 2010It’s that time of year again, when Chicago-area film buff Mr. Skin highlights celebs in the buff for his annual Top 10 Nude Scenes list.

In years past, we’ve celebrated Salma Hayek (2006), Marisa Tomei (2007), Mischa Barton (2008 movies), Lizzy Caplan (2008 TV) and Eva Amurri (2009) topping the list of the topless. For 2010, as we enter a new decade, it seems only appropriate that top honors go to two ladies who bared all in the name of cinema.

Congratulations to Kelly Brook and Riley Steele, two “Piranha 3D” stars whose curvy assets made the audience glad for the extra viewing dimension. Apparently, they shared a naked, underwater lesbian tussle while a bikini-clad Jessica Szohr was nearby.

Here’s the skinny on the full Top 10:

1. Kelly Brook and Riley Steele in “Piranha 3D” – See description above. Oh, and they aren’t completely naked. They’re wearing flippers. Apologies to those like Tanner P. who dig feet.

2. Jessica Pare in “Hot Tub Time Machine” – She’s a woman. There’s a hot tub. Not too difficult to imagine what happens.

3. Paz de la Huerta in “Boardwalk Empire” – It’s not all just violence, drinking and Steve Buscemi’s goggle-eyed mug on the acclaimed HBO series. Apparently, the actress gets nude and often, providing Mr. Skin multiple scenes to highlight — ranging from changing clothes in a lingerie shop to getting it on with a creepy FBI agent.

4. Anne Hathaway in “Love and Other Drugs” – Hathaway has already gone topless in a couple films, but this one gives you so much to choose from. Two beautiful people naked and often. Where’s Mr. Skin’s female counterpart when you need her?

5. Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore in “Chloe” – We can’t improve on Mr. Skin’s description: “Kitten-on-cougar action unleashed!”

6. Rebecca Creskoff in “Hung” – The natural redhead is full frontal, baby, while still delivering dialogue.

7. Mary-Louise Parker in “Weeds” – This scene has it all: A little bit of belt whipping, nudity and frenzied sex between two hyphenated actors (Mark-Paul Gosselaar does the deed with her).

8. Kirsten Dunst in “All The Good Things”
– Let’s forget for a moment that this is a film about the real-life disappearance and possible murder of a young lady by her doting husband. That’s just icky. What’s not icky is getting clean, especially with two good-looking actors in the shower. Dunst and Ryan Gosling get naked to bathe together, and we’re invited to watch the hygiene lesson.

9. Violante Placido in “The American” – Can you call it skinny dipping if you still have your undies on? Well, if they turn transparent, that should count.

10. Jessica Alba in “The Killer Inside Me” – Rough times ahead in this crime thriller, and Alba apparently needs Casey Affleck’s firm and rather violent hand to guide her … or at least spank her.

Mr. Skin and his team of “skinvestigators” view all non-adult titles for their nudity content and rates them on their “skintensity.” By the end of the year, he’s ready to hand out accolades to the actresses who were best at baring themselves.

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