david hasselhoff gi 'Piranha 3DD': David Hasselhoff latest mega star to sign onIt just keeps getting better and better.

On Wednesday (May 11), Dimension films announced the addition of David Hasselhoff to the upcoming somehow-NOT-straight-to-DVD release “Piranha 3DD.” Slated to hit theaters (really?) on Nov. 23 — just in time for Thanksgiving! — the movie will again pick up the tale of a massive man-eating prehistoric fish.

Hasselhoff joins a cast that already includes Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer and Gary Busey. Richard Dreyfuss, who starred in the first installment, will not be back for the sequel. It’s possible that his character died battling the piranha in the first movie. We didn’t watch, being allergic to piranha-related entertainment and all.

Suggestion: Dimension should consider documenting the filming of “Piranha 3D” and airing it as a stand-alone reality series. With Hasselhoff and Busey on the set, crazy sparks are sure to fly. Why not capitalize on them while sating our curiosity? Win win win.

Failing that, we’d like to ask Paul Scheer to write a from-the-set blog.

And just so there’s no mistaking what we’re dealing with here, watch the trailer from 2010’s original (eye roll) movie:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson