rebel wilson pitch perfect 2 details 'Pitch Perfect 2's' Rebel Wilson: 'It's looking like all the original Bellas are back'Rebel Wilson sounds just as pumped about “Pitch Perfect 2” as you are. The sequel to the unlikely hit about a college a cappella group is in the works, with original producer and co-star Elizabeth Banks set to direct. Wilson tells Zap2it that the band is getting back together in April for the movie’s 2015 release.

“I think we start the booty camp in April, where we sing and dance and learn all the routines,” she says. “Last time, two years ago when we shot the first one, we just had so much fun doing that.”

Zap2it chatted with the “Super Fun Night” star about her ABC sitcom’s season finale (airing Wednesday, Feb. 19), but also got her to spill a few deets on “Pitch Perfect 2.”

“I think it’s looking like all the original Bellas are back,” she says. “We’re graduating seniors this time around. In the first movie we were freshmen coming into the group, and now myself and Anna Kendrick are graduating seniors.”

Wilson knows that the musical numbers are going to be great, but unfortunately Banks won’t actually tell her what they’re going to be. “Elizabeth Banks has been teasing me a little bit, going, ‘Oh yeah, your opening number is really great,’ but they won’t tell me what it is! I’m just so excited because doing the first movie we just had the most fun and I think it really showed on screen in the finished movie, the amount of fun we were having.”

Bonus: The sequel is also being filmed in Louisiana, where the first one was shot. “I love Louisiana,” she says. “I can’t wait to get back there and chill out — work hard, but have a lot of fun on set.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley