pizzahut proposal eb Pizza Hut offering $10,000 proposal packagesJust in time for Valentine’s Day, Pizza Hut is offering a “Dinner Box Proposal Package,” complete with fireworks, limo service, flowers, a ruby ring and — of course — a $10 box of pizza and breadsticks.

And we thought the classic White Castle Valentine’s Day date was something special!

Only 10 packages are available for sale, and the promotion ends on Valentine’s Day — so prospective guys will have to get a move on before they’re sold out. So if you’ve got $10,000 laying around and a special lady you’re looking to lock down, this could be the perfect opportunity. After all, what kind of woman wouldn’t say yes to a guy who pops the question with such classy flair?

Now here’s to hoping that we get to see some follow-up footage of the lucky couples who actually take advantage of this.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady