will arnett titanfall titan xbox Playing 'Titanfall' with 'The Millers' Will Arnett

There’s no interrupting Will Arnett from playing “Titanfall” once he’s gotten started. An event at the Microsoft Experience space in Venice, Calif. on Feb. 24 was pitched as a way to play the new Xbox One title while chatting with “The Millers” star, but there was no tearing him away from the few precious hours he had with the game before it hits store shelves.
A beta version of “Titanfall” had been open for several days before the event, but Arnett had been busy filming and thus missed it. This was his first chance to get hands-on time with the game, and he admitted he was pretty proud of his “alright” performance.
Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella offered insight to Arnett while he played several rounds of the video game studio’s next-gen title. In addition to the press, publicists and game developers in attendance, Arnett had invited some of his friends to get some hands-on time as well. 

chris hardwick will arnett titanfall Playing 'Titanfall' with 'The Millers' Will Arnett

“The Millers” co-star Nelson Franklin, “Franklin & Bash” star Kumail Nanjiani, “@Midnight’s” Chris Hardwick and “Silicon Valley’s” Thomas Middleditch all tried their hand at the game during the casual nighttime event. After getting their fill, some — like Hardwick (right) — sat back and watched the player-versus-player onscreen combat go on from afar.

“Titanfall,” which hit store shelves on March 11, is a multiplayer-only online shooter game that will likely revolutionize how developers approach the genre. Instead of having a separate single player campaign and multiplayer online gameplay, “Titanfall” combines those to create a consistently multiplayer experience, even through the story elements.
Arnett was a fan of the past generation’s biggest first-person shooter titles: “Call of Duty” and “Halo.” He admits that this feels like a combination of the two, saying, “This is kind of like ‘Call of Duty’ meets ‘Halo’ in a way. To the power of 100.”

will arnett titanfall xbox Playing 'Titanfall' with 'The Millers' Will ArnettThough Arnett has lent his voice to games in the past, he prefers to just play them. The self-professed Xbox fanboy says recording voices for video games is “a lot of work.” “I want to do less games. I want to play more games, but do less work on games,” he quips.

A conversation with Arnett would be remiss without mention of 2014’s No. 1 film, “The LEGO Movie.” A sequel was announced not long after the flick started pulling in big box office money, though Arnett says he wasn’t aware that they were planning a sequel beforehand. “I’m aware of very little,” he says.

Still, he will be wherever directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord tell him to be to reprise his role of LEGO Batman.

“I’m excited,” Arnett says. “Whatever they want it to be, and whatever they want me to do, I’m game.” 

“Titanfall” will be released on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on March 11, and on Xbox 360 on March 25.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz