josh thomas season 2 please like me 'Please Like Me' Season 2: Geoffrey is in 1 episode, mum goes to a mental hospital“Please Like Me” returns to Pivot on Friday (Aug. 8) with Season 2, which upped the episode order from six in the first season to 10, which star and creator Josh Thomas tells Zap2it really allows for richer storytelling.

“I was really excited about it, because I felt like in six episodes you don’t get as much time to breathe,” says Thomas. “You have smaller moments, smaller little friendship moments in 10 episodes. You can get to know the characters more and care about the characters more. You can do smaller plots and people will still be engaged, which I like, because I don’t want to be making a soap opera.”

Like Season 1, Thomas says the show continues to be about “goofy little things” that happen to his character and the supporting cast.

“I feel so awkward talking about the story because it’s not that interesting, but that’s sort of the point,” says Thomas. “Dad may have a baby, which people talk about a lot. And Josh has a crush on this boy, and mum gets checked into a mental hospital. In Series 1 we sort of danced around that, but we never did it. … [The mental hospital] gave us a nice way to meet all these new characters because she’s thrown together with all these new people and Josh goes there and gets to know them. … It doesn’t sound that exciting, but I promise it’s really good. Stuff does happen [laughs].”

One thing that viewers will just have to be disappointed about is that Geoffrey (Wade Briggs), Josh’s love interest from the first season, will not be seen much in Season 2.

“Geoffrey does one episode,” says Thomas. “It was a hard choice because we just love him, he’s beautiful and I love his character. … But they’ve broken up and because of this time jump [between seasons], I just don’t believe that they’ll be friends. If they were friends, what’s the point? There’s no tension in that story there. I hate TV shows that just keep finding excuses to keep their characters there when there’s actually no reason for them to be there.”

Sorry, Geoffrey fans. But there will be new boys in Josh’s live in Season 2 of “Please Like Me,” which premieres Friday, Aug. 8 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Pivot.

Reporting by Sydney Bucksbaum

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