portal2 b 'Portal 2': The 'most anticipated' video game of 2011?On Tuesday (April 19), “the most anticipated video game of 2011,” according to Forbes.com, hits store shelves. “Portal 2,” the sequel to 2007’s “Portal,” is heating up Twitter and has customers lining up outside brick and mortar stores to get their hands on the hot new game.

But why should you care? We think these five facts below make the case:

1. The “Portal” series is allegedly better than a regular first-person shooter game because it is actually a puzzle masquerading as a shoot-em-up game. The player wields a portal gun that — instead of shooting opponents — shoots holes through physical space, creating “portals.” Neato.

2. Again, according to Forbes.com, the game isn’t only smart. It’s funny. Those “World of Warcraft” lifers could totally use a laugh.

3. USA Today proclaims “Portal 2,” “the year’s most imaginative and engrossing video game, mixing fantastic storytelling with incredible first-person platforming.”

4. Unlike the original “Portal,” a Mac version of “Portal 2” is launching along with the PC release. Yay.

5. If you have a spare 10 hours to kill, “Portal 2” is ready and waiting to engross.

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Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson