naturi naughton power starz 'Power's' Naturi Naughton: 'The nudity and sexuality propels my storyline'
Zap2it: What does “Power” have that other shows don’t?
Naturi Naughton: We have a team different than a network show; 50 Cent is our executive producer and comes from this world, and it is based on a lot of reality. What is interesting about “Power,” is he created the original music, and I am singing in the show as well.
Zap2it: How do you explain the world this show portrays?
Naturi Naughton: Even if you are not in the club world or have a street life or any experience with the drug world, it is interesting how we showed both of them together. It is not just about one thing. There are multiple dimensions to our show. We have a great cast that is also diverse. It is interesting that we also use Spanish.

Zap2it: Did you have any second thoughts about the onscreen steaminess?

Naturi Naughton: It is very sexy. I was a little trepidatious initially because I wanted to make sure. [Director] Anthony Hemingway made me feel safe and comfortable. I’ve done nudity before. I played Lil’ Kim in “Notorious.” The nudity and the sexuality of my character really, really propel my story line, how she uses her sexiness to keep her man or maintains her sexiness to keep the love affair. She has a little thing with Sean, her driver. She knows her confidence and sexuality is part of her power. I, as the actress, embrace it as part of the story.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler