preachers daughters lifetime 'Preachers' Daughters': See no, hear no, speak no evil of Lifetime's new reality showThe three girls on Lifetime’s newest reality series seem like most typical teens, sweet and angling to be older. They are curious about boys, sometimes acting on that, which explains why one is already a mom. One cites “porno star” as an enticing career, and one asks her older sister explicit questions about sex.

These girls and their families are featured in “Preachers’ Daughters,” premiering Tuesday, March 12. Though this sounds salacious, the nine episodes are a cinema verite of family life, not a “Girls Gone Wild” video.
That’s to the credit of executive producer Adam Reed, whose company was behind “Hatfields & McCoys.”
“This is real life of what preachers’ families deal with day in and day out, and there are many positives and negatives that come with that,” Reed tells Zap2it. “And we are very, very diligent about not having an agenda to say if it were positive or negative.”

nikita kolby koloff preachers daughters lifetime 'Preachers' Daughters': See no, hear no, speak no evil of Lifetime's new reality showOne of the families profiled on the series is the Koloffs. Separate interviews with the parents, both of whom are preachers, and their daughter reveal they want to dispel misconceptions that preachers’ homes are different from others’.
“If this show can help maybe bridge a communication gap between children and parents,” it would be worth it, says dad Nikita Koloff, a former professional wrestler.

The mom, Victoria Koloff, says, “We struggle every day with the same thing other people do, but we are Christian. Being a ministry, a lot of times people look at us like we are supposed to be different.”
When Kolby, 16, wants to date, her dad isn’t thrilled. Yet his ability to instantly put someone in a chokehold keeps bad behavior in check. Victoria meets the potential suitor, then hands him a form, which he must fill out, to be allowed to date Kolby.
“None of my sisters gave me any other warning that is what you do when you start dating a guy,” Kolby says. “I was completely humiliated by it.”
Yet the boy answered as if his hand were on a Bible. Then again, he is the son of a preacher, which could be a new series.
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