president obama flag getty President Obama pleads the fifth to Andy Cohen about Michelle Obama's attireAndy Cohen reportedly stole the show at Thursday’s (June 14) fundraiser for President Obama at Sarah Jessica Parker’s West Village townhouse. According to the Daily Beast, Cohen made Obama play his “Watch What Happens Live” game Plead the Fifth, in which the president has to answer three questions — and can only plead the fifth to one.

“Are you going to give me all three questions up front?” Obama asks.

When Cohen tells him no, the president, gesturing to his aides, says, “Well, there are going to be some nervous people in the back of the room.”

A ballsy Cohen presses on: “What’s your best perk? You know, like having beers with Hillary Clinton or being able to call any person in the world in the middle of the night?”

President Obama says it’s the Truman Balcony because he gets to sit out there with wife Michelle Obama on their “date night.”

Question No. 2: “Choose an outfit that Michelle wears that you don’t like. What is it and why?”  
“I plead the fifth!” the president says.      

“Now I want to know what it is,” Michelle says.

“No way. I’m not crazy,” the president says.  

Cohen’s final question was about what sort of embarrassing music the prez cranks up on the radio. President Obama says he only listens to music on his iPod, and he isn’t embarrassed by any of his tunes, which include Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones.

What would you ask the president in a game of Plead the Fifth? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper